Month: April 2017

Summoners War Cheat Engine for infinite Crystals and Mana Stones

The detailed information about Summoners war game

Summoners war is a type of an online game in which you need to defect your opponent player. It is an online battle and it is played in sky arena. This game is very interesting to play and you can play win this battle through your device and there are many chest and tricks to win this battle. There are many monsters in this battle and they will help you to win the war. At the beginning of the war you need to select your own monster. The monster can earn 2 to 3 stars that will help the player to win the level up to 30.

The main concept of the game is to collect the monster as much as you possible. This can consists of thirteen different areas and the player need to complete the all the seven stages to have an advanced level. There are three difficulties in all the stages and they are normal, hard and hell. Try to complete all the stages to win the whole battle.

Top 5 monsters of summoners war:

  • Bernard: It is wind vulture and it is one of the best monsters in this war and it has naturally 3 stars and it acts as a beat speed buffer up to starting and end of the war. It also has a very good third skill that will speed up to end of the game.
  • Shannon: she is a wind girl full of spirit and she has 2 natural stars. She will help you till the middle of the game and she also has some spot about the game. She can scroll her attracters and defend them with her third skill.
  • Colleen: she is a fire Harp and she has his 2 natural stars you can easily get her from the magical shop. She is a good support monster and she is a best healer in the early game.
  • Belladeon: it is a light lion and it has three natural stars and it will help you till the end of the game and it has many skills like defence breaker on the first skill and it removes beneficial effect on the second skill and it increases the attack bars o the third skills.
  • Raoq: it is a fire lion and it has 3 stars. It attacks the opponent by dropping the fire volcanoes.

Game play to win the battle:

You can use any monster to win the battle. Destroy all the monsters of the opponent to win the battle. Each and every level is very different and the concept of the game is same. The hack is also available to generate free Mana stones, crystals and glory. Through this hack tool you can generate free unlimited stone and unlimited crystals. The hack summoners war is very useful to get the glory and due to this you can buy the necessary thing from the magical shop. These are the main thing to win the battle and they are very important to win the battle.