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How to become a hacker – step by step tips

Many Internet users are interested in how to become a hacker from honeypot hack and where to start. Usually connoisseurs of this hobby are young guys, whose average age is 16-20 years.

Young people are of the opinion that a hacker is a computer burglar, but this is misleading. That’s why, before you master this profession, it is recommend that you understand what a hacker is. The hacker is a programmer of the highest class, who works with ready-made software and with the help of programming languages, ​​realizes his imagination. For some people, work is a way of life. Such makings are most often laid down in childhood. This is truer of professional hackers.

How to become one of them

Learn basic programming basics. This skill will achieve the goal. According to professionals, to study the database really independently at home, you need to give as much time as possible to studying materials, programming languages ​​and computer equipment. The programming nets have a similar structure and principles. A number of programming languages ​​will have to be learned by heart. These include PHP, MySQL, Java and others.

In addition to programming languages, be sure to get acquainted with the operating systems, which, at first glance, seem unpretentious. It’s about UNIX and Linux platforms. Real hackers with Windows firmware do not work. Hackers seek to work properly on the network, which provides much more than communication with friends. If you really want to become a real ace, you will have to get a lot of knowledge, and only the Internet will help. Learn how the global web works and understand why the client sends HTTP servers, how the browser interacts with the server, and so on. Without this knowledge, you will not have to count on a good result.

Choose the package of programs

It is to warn you that it is not easy to choose the right tools, but a strong desire will simplify the task. First, find some compilers and assemblers. The first decisions translate the program text into an equivalent program. The second option is the provision that converts programs into machine type commands. You cannot do without a good text editor, which allows you to create and modify text files, view, and print and find text information.

A specialized editor is required, in which the program source codes are created and modified. Such a solution can be a separate program or part of the development environment. You got the first idea of ​​how to become a hacker. If you intend to build a career, it will not hurt to learn a few foreign languages. Experts recommend paying special attention to the English language, as it is widely used on the Internet.

Programming languages

First of all, get acquainted with the Internet, learn the meaning of various headings, learn a lot of basic concepts and understand the interaction of browsers with servers.

Pay special attention to the study of programming languages. With the help of manuals, which on the Internet abound, learn how to write simple programs. With a little effort, you will master programming skills, and in the future there will be an opportunity to improve them. If you dream of working as a hacker, pay special attention to learning the language of hypertext markup, which is called HTML.

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