True Quality for the Perfect CCTV Installation

The manufacturers of networked home security systems now have to develop security measures and provide security solutions. In addition, the company takes the consumers into the obligation. They should pay attention to safety aspects when choosing a monitoring system and, above all, install them correctly.

The basis for this is a secure home network

In addition, they should use more complex passwords – without being forced by the system to do so. Manufacturers should also upgrade the systems with the option of account lockout and two-factor authentication. With the options that are good at cctv singapore the opportunities are there now.

As early as July, a company had pointed out on the basis of research that around 70 percent of the devices used in the Internet of Things were unsafe. Again, weak passwords, missing encryption, sloppily implemented protocols or well-known programming errors were the most common criticisms. In addition, the company already voiced privacy concerns about 80 percent of its products, which was insufficiently guaranteed.

You still have old car tires lying around?

Then do not throw them away! From this you can build a nice stool.

Almost everyone has piled them up in the garage or in the basement and do not really know where to put them: old car tires. In fact, old tires are too good to throw away. With a little skill and little effort can be made of a stool or other decorative interior design ideas.

A stool, which emerges from an old car tire, can be used in many ways and even brings holiday mood into the house when it comes along as a Far Eastern stool as in our example. Find out now how a cozy and smart stool can be made from an old tire with little money and within a few hours.

First, you go in search of an old car tire. Who has not bunkered tires in the garage or in the basement, will certainly find in friends or neighbors. Otherwise, old car tires can also be found on the internet for little money, or you can check with a local car dealer.

Clean and measure car tires:

Car tires should now be thoroughly cleaned. Dust and dirt can be reliably removed with water and detergent. For stubborn dirt you should use a hard brush.

Now pick up the inch rule and determine the diameter of the car tire. You need this value in order to be able to cut the MDF board to fit. This later serves as a seat.


If you want to build a small table, you have to do the same. Instead of the seat so creates the table top.

Saw seat:

Now the MDF board must be brought to the diameter of the car tire. The measure can be easily transferred by first attaching a strip in the length of the diameter in the middle of the plate. With a compass you can now mark the required cutting path. To attach the saw blade, you must first drill a hole near the cutting path. Now carefully saw along the marking. Now the reliable singapore home improvement companies can help you out in this matter.

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